Despite having literally never sung a single note, Justin Tordella has been a fixture on the music scene since the dawn of the new millennium. With an impressive, yet eclectic client list – Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Iron Maiden, and Disney – Justin’s designs resonate with every audience. Beyond concert and retail apparel, his portfolio includes extensive promotional merchandise and print collateral. Like most creative types, Justin has his hand in a multitude of other projects, including an online repository of design resources; his custom textures are available to the general public via Texture Club on Creative Market. Justin is the former creative director for the national non-profit Boot Campaign as well as former Senior Interactive Designer for Volcom, and former apparel designer at The Chivery. He lives just north of Austin, TX with his wife Krystal and kids Owen and Evelyn, easily his best creations to date.


Selected client list (past and present):

  • Rivals
  • Merchline
  • Warner Music Group
  • Bravado
  • Global Merch
  • GoMerch/Manhead
  • Epitaph Records
  • Merch Direct
  • Live Nation
  • Jinx!
  • Disney
  • many many more.